When life gives you lemons


Sometimes things happen unexpectedly, some are for the better,  others for the worse. How you deal with these events is entirely up to you. Many people say that if one door closes another one opens. But what do you do if you feel like Alice, standing in a hallway with multiple doors. Which one do you choose? Do you change yourself to get through the “out of the ordinary” door or do you remain your usual self and go for the obvious safe choice.

I say “change yourself” but that’s not exactly what I mean. I think you just discover other facets of your personality that maybe you were to uncertain of. Maybe a leap of faith is what nurtures the soul.

So if life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Or seen as I’m a bit of a health freak, lemon flavored water 🙂 Some people say, and from now on I’ll be one of them: When life gives you assholes make lemonade: Life rarely gives you lemons but assholes are given aplenty. So this would be the more accurate version of the old saying.

In my previous blog I talked about a water bottle I ordered with a separate compartment for fruit and ice.

Today is the first day I’ve tried it and I am pleasantly surprised. I’ve flavoured it with lemon and blueberries. After about 15 minutes you can taste the fruit, it is rather subtle though. I was afraid the lemon would be a bit over powering but it’s not. I will look online for some other combinations to try out. Apparently lemon & mint and blueberries & strawberries are popular combinations. A slight warning is needed though, when unwrapping the bottle and fiddling it around a bit I managed to push the separate compartment for the fruit inside the tube.. Thank god I have a very handy daddy who managed to get it out. So tip of the day: do not push the separate tube to hard in the water bottle.

FullSizeRender (2)

water bottle from AY Commerce with lemon & blueberries

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