Too hot to handle


So, I guess summer’s here.. ! We always moan about the weather, wanting it to be a bit warmer or at least enjoy a sunray or two to enable us to casually tan our winter white legs. Yet as always, it goes completely overboard and we end up being stuck to our beds spread eagle with an electrical fan blowing some of the hot air around the room.

Even when it’s boiling hot I still see some women walking around with their hair beautifully blown out, wearing gorgeous summer dresses or outfits, make up perfectly set and effortlessly strolling as if they are used to this kind of weather. How on earth do they manage it?

I end up with my hair stuck to my face, being forced to put it up in a bun with some curls sticking out that actually were straight locks about half an hour earlier. As for clothes, well there’s one rule I need to stick by: NOTHING CLINGY! Urban Dictionary: Clingy: “A Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Significant Other who doesn’t know the definition of “space”. Christina is waaayy to clingy.” When it’s boiling hot I can’t stand anything stuck to my body, so my options are basically a pair of shorts or a skirt with a loose t-shirt, or a loose dress.  Make up is just a definite no go, maybe a little mascara but only if I keep sunglasses on all day, waterproof or not, it will end up on my cheek.

Maybe in time my body will stop aching from the heat and learn to embrace it, by which time it will either be autumn and time for pants and jumpers, or we’ll be 20 years on and I’ll be going through menopause enjoying the occasional hot flush now and again. Oh, the joys of getting older.. (my birthday’s coming up, fyi I hate this time of year)

A hot and bothered R.


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