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Watched a movie called “The Duff” last night, basically another teenage high school movie but a good one none the less, and it got me thinking about my teenage years. (just realised I sound like an old bat but I will ignore that factor for now) Urban Dictionary: Old Bat: Any annoying post-menopausal woman, but especially one who applies a considerable amount of make-up and scares small children with her appearance. This description will be me to a tee if I don’t get my life on track.

Anywho, back to the movie, it’s about a girl who has two hot and trendy best friends. At one point someone so kindly points out to her that she’s actually their DUFF or Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that the person in question is actually a fat and ugly person, but more of a wing woman/man. You know, the person people are “nice” to, just so they get a thumbs up or a wink and phone number from the girls they’re actually trying to hit on.

Now I don’t know about your high school experience but mine was not something I particularly like to remember. I doubt many people actually do, if your high school experience was a wonderful place of puberty sneaking up on you as a fluffy little adorable kitten, have nothing go absolutely horrifically wrong at some point, everyone adored you and you never ever had a moment of despair, well then I think you either peaked too soon or are just annoyingly lucky.

Needless to say, being tall, ginger, shy and having an English sense of humour didn’t do me any favours back in the day. I ended up trying to go into stealth mode most of the time until at some point I learned to appreciate my quirkiness. Even to this day I still would consider myself a DUFF. Not in a bad way though, just a tall ginger weirdo where hopefully the best is yet to come. (fingers crossed)

So to all my fellow DUFF’s out there who still despair, remember this: “Like wine some people turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age”





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