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New job, work chaos and no writing vibes what so ever have led to me not blogging for a good month.  After 8 hours a day at work, behind a pc, being submerged into the world of bedding, duvets and retail, I barely had the will to live let alone get back behind the pc to blog in the evening.

Not only have I resumed blogging but I have also resumed my fitness regime. I must admit that after 7 weeks of absence I had to work up the courage to return, but was pleasantly surprised when I managed to keep it up for 30 min on the crosstrainer.. yeey burned 200 cal.. which is like half a snickers or something.. (“mmm snickers” – Alicia Silverstone aka Cher, for those who know what movie I’m referring to, you are my kindred spirit). Still, every calorie counts and you have to start somewhere right!

Now we all know January means a) new year new me, b) SALEEEESSS c) extra money or gift vouchers to spend on SALEEEESSS! I am the type of person who prefers to go shopping alone. I cannot for the life of me slowly stroll through a store, enjoying the hustle and bustle of the sales, taking my time to casually check out the racks piece by piece.

No, I am strategic, I plan ahead, memorize in my head what I’m looking for, in which shops I can find them and where the shops are located. I can be in and out of a shopping centre or town in exactly 30-45 min tops, with hopefully, everything I was looking for. If I don’t do this I will always end up buying something from the new collection.

Sales are not for everyday items, you need to plan your expensive purchases for this time of year. Don’t go the first week of the sales because not all items will be displayed yet + if you are anything like me, you’d end up in jail for physical assault on whoever snatched an item away from under your nose, or got in the way of your strategically planned route.

I finally found the leather jacket I have been looking for, for a good year or so, on sale. I purchased it in Maje, a French brand store. With my xmas vouchers I got my perfume and lipgloss from Dior , my new Céline sunnies, and as always, new goodies from Nip + Fab!

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All in all not a bad haul!

R. x