Left or right?


They go by many names, have few reasons of existence and are slightly addictive. Yes I am talking about dating apps, Tinder, Happn, Taboo, StepOut, Blendr, Meet me, and so on and on and on.. . I wonder what the person who designed the very first dating app thought when he created it. I say he because I highly doubt it was designed by a woman.

What happened to just meeting people when going out? Not necessarily a club or bar, but just out. Supermarket, bus stop, shopping, library, school, work.. what the hell went wrong? I hold my hands up, I do have dating apps on my phone. It started innocently just out of curiosity. I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about so I downloaded Tinder. First impressions are key, people who say it’s the inside that counts have a point, but they too first judged a book by its cover, let’s not be hypocrites.

So you end up staring at a photo which was downloaded by facebook (smart move Zuckerburg) and upon viewing that picture you can decide in one swipe whether to completely write this person off or “like” them. Then the moment of truth, will it be a match or are you to about to be bitch slapped by reality that this person doesn’t “like” you.

I was on Tinder for a little while until one guy casually asked me if I had a webcam.  Is this what we have become? People who meet each other via an app, to then do god knows what via webcam? What the fudge people!!

Haven’t we all just shot ourselves in the foot with these dating apps? Women who are actually honestly looking for someone get to pick between married men, guys in relationships or perves who have a big mouth over an app but would shrink if they’d meet us in person. I don’t know how men experience these apps, the honest ones, those very, very few of them, must see where I’m coming from. For those of them who I just mentioned above in why I won’t be using apps anymore, good for you, keep up those appearances.

A guy started talking to me at a party the other day and my friends went it to “protect and object subject to evil eye” mode.  It’s come to the point where, when people actually talk to someone in person we think it’s strange. Get off your apps, get off your phone and actually have a conversation face to face. Yes, it might be received with some apprehension but we have to start somewhere.

“How you doing”


Rub it in why don’t you

FullSizeRender (1)

I’ve tried out the new L’Oréal extraordinary oil shampoo and conditioner, Sublime Body Nutrilift body lotion and Triple Active 24h day cream.

Being a naturel redhead I have not been blessed with soft silky hair that just dries in a perfectly acceptable hairstyle. The bottom half of my head dries curly and the top half dries frizzy. A daily joy I must admit.. Urban dictionary moment: Frizzy example: A feeling of complete chaos. An emotion when you don’t know what to do about something, and also if you can’t make up your mind. (yes, my hair has emotions)

To start with the extraordinary oil shampoo, I was a little apprehensive of using an oil on my hair. As many of you, (there’s no denying) I have endured the awful experience of finishing my hair for a night out and realising I have a major grease spot at the back of my head thanks to an excess of oil. The shampoo and conditioner both have a very nice smell and texture. I have half long hair and a little bit of shampoo goes a long way. Next up the conditioner, it says on the bottle to apply it all over your hair, top to ends. I massaged it into my scalp and left it on for a good 2 – 3 minutes. My hair is a lot softer, and the frizz is a whole lot less than when I use regular products. It doesn’t weigh your hair down but leaves it controllable and shiny. I can now just put it in a bun or plat without having fluffy bits sticking out so big thumbs up from me! If you are planning on curling your hair, I wouldn’t advise you to use an oil base shampoo or conditionner, your curls will not stay put and there’s nothing worse than spending all that time curling your hair for it to last 5 minutes!

Next up the Sublime Body Nutrilift lotion. I have only been using this for a few days so I don’t have the full effect yet. It tells you to use it for 4 weeks, everyday, morning and evening. It smells lovely and absorbs quickly into the skin. It contains both ceramide and collagen. The ceramide hydrates your skin (remember the winter is coming peeps, aka the time of horrendous dry legs) and the collagen tightens everything up. I’m going to use it twice daily in combination with going to the gym. I’m hoping I’ll see a difference on my thighs where I can use a little push in the tighter direction.

Last but not least, the Triple Active day cream. As you all know I use Bio Oil on my face as well, I do only use this at night because it does leave you with a shine, so for the day time I decided to try out this day cream. It’s paraben free (very important!), contains vitamin E, ceramide and a UV filter, which in my opinion every day cream should contain. It’s very light and blends in easily and is a perfect base for your make up!

So all in all a big thumbs up for these products, I’m curious for the result after the next 4 weeks of using the body lotion, but I am definitely sold on the extraordinary oil shampoo/conditioner and day cream!

Keep your moisture levels up people, drinks lots of water and remember to rub that lotion in before you end up looking like a flakey reptile! NOT a look you want to aim for!



Bang Bang


So, needless to say it’s been a while since my last post. No excuse will do but I’m hoping that by writing this blog it will shed some light on what I have been up to for the past few weeks.

Students and workpeople (work mules, slaves of the industry, puppets, ants, monkey sees monkey do, you catch my drift), have one thing in common. Unless you’re stepping into a family business or have a trust fund (a few curse words come to mind), you’ll at some point be forced to hunt for a job. Now I can guarantee you, it might seem exciting and empowering at first, but don’t be fooled.

Looking for a job is a little like being a deer caught in headlights. Urban Dictionary moment: Deer caught in headlights: A mental state of high arousal caused by anxiety, fear, panic, surprise and/or confusion, or substance abuse. Example: Mike doesn’t like cars; he’s like a deer in headlights when he goes to his driving lessons.

To clarify, my experience was of anxiety not substance abuse, just saying. Back to the subject now. You dress up smart, give yourself a little pep talk on the way to the interview and lay yourself bare for judgement. Yet somehow they always end up asking you a question for which you have no prepared answer and start doubting your capabilities.

It usually ends with you walking out of the interview feeling like you’ve got to tell your mother you failed a test again to receive the horrendous “I’m not angry, just disappointed” speech. Why are mother’s so damn good at guilt tripping speeches, I think there’s an annual secret convention where they all practice and drink too many dirty martini’s.

Job hunting is a little like dating, but worse.. BLIND dating. Both sides have never met, but you are the one who has to do most of the convincing to make it a happy marriage.

You’re whole future (maybe not all of it but 8 hours a day is pretty damn much), depends on the impression you leave on the first person you meet. It’s a tricky business, you’re either too assertive, too confident, too quiet, too funny, not compatible, .. the list is endless.

The point of this blog is that although you will be judged and feel beaten or low at times, I urge you to keep the following in mind:


  • NEVER ever take anything personal (hardest part of the process).
  • Look at this point in your life as an OPPORTUNITY: you spend more time at work than at home, so make sure you pick a job that will empower you in a stimulating environment.
  • Even if you don’t feel 100% convinced of a job but they invite you for an interview GO! Practice makes perfect, and the more people you meet, the bigger your professional network becomes.
  • At the end of the day, it is YOU who will make the decision whether or not to take a the job.
  • NEGOTIATION is key. Set your goals upfront and stick to them! If you don’t you will regret it within the first few weeks.

If all else fails, a glass of wine, shopping spree, bath with facemask or good cry will alleviate the stresses of a bad interview.

Do not lose hope, keep all negative thoughts at bay and do not let yourself be bullied in to making rash decisions by people around you. Take your time and consider all your options. Patience is a virtue my children.

Good hunting!

R. x



Every leaf has it’s bliss

Well, as I’m currently looking out the window, I think it’s safe to say Summer 2015 has officially come to an end. Even though I’m a Summer baby born in July, I must admit Autumn is my favourite season.

I will miss the ability to run out of the house wearing just a t-shirt and shorts and you’re good for the day, but hey, bye bye sweaty people who refuse to wear deodorant! If that doesn’t deserve a little hip hip hooray I don’t know what does.

So for all of you feeling the weather blues, the holiday blues or just having a bad day here are my pro’s and con’s for Autumn:


Fav Zara hat and jumper

Fav Zara hat and jumper

  • Hats: Yes hats! Not a balaclava like our mothers used to pull over our heads but nice fashionable hats! I found a gorgeous kaki coloured hat in Zara that I will gladly whip out every time there’s a slight drizzle.
  • Colours: I’m not just referring to the colours of the leaves, but the fashion colours. Hooray for no fluorescent clothing, as a redhead, the summer of fluorescent clothing (back in 2014) has left it’s mark, it was a summer of no good outfit EVER. (sigh)
  • Warm clothing: I am a sucker for scarves! I can not leave a shopping center without purchasing a new scarf. I’m a cold bloodied type of person so I will jump at any excuse to where thick jumpers and wrap up warmly in a fluffy coat.
  • Fire: There’s nothing nicer then ending the day lighting the fire, or just on a rainy Sunday with a cup of tea and probably biscuits or a pack of crisps or two.


  • Hair: Unfortunately, Autumn equals frizz. I hate (understatement), spending about 30 minutes on my hair, feeling good to go, having a little sneak peak in the mirror before you open the front door, thinking to yourself “oooh job well done darling”, to then upon opening the door find it a) peeing it down b) a slight drizzle of rain mixed with a hurricane c)  both. By the time I’ve reached where-ever I was heading, my hair will nine times out of ten, be in a plat or bun.
  • Make Up: It is time to get out your water proofs my dears, no one loves the panda look now do we?
  • Colds: Walks in the park with the falling leaves are nice and all but when you end up with a stinking cold as a result of it, it leaves a rather bitter after taste.

I’m sure everyone has their particular favourite season, yes jumping of cliffs into the sea, sailing and watching the sun go down with a good glass of rosé will always do the trick. But how are we to enjoy it without experiencing some rainy days? Whip out your candles and quilts, your winter duvet and the most delicious hot chocolate, put on your favourite childhood movie and enjoy. No use swearing at it everyday, Mother Nature listens to no one unfortunately. For all my Belgian peeps reading this, at least we have a new season of Temptation Island coming up. “Talk to the hand” dolls!

Off for a walk now.





My beauty product addicted self is rejoicing at the news that Kiko is opening a store in Brussels at the Chaussée d’Ixelles/Elsensesteenweg. Cheap, reliable, gorgeous make up and beauty gadgets? Who could not love that?

I first walked into a Kiko shop in Spain about a year ago. The shop is clean and everything is perfectly displayed in a logical manner. Needless to say that it makes my OCD heart flutter a little. If total chaos is the law of the land in a shop and everything is just “somewhere”, you’ll be seeing make a B-line straight towards the exit.

The products I bought in the shop are: IMG_6270

  • 01 Harmonic Swing eyeshadow palette: with five shades of compact eyeshadow with high pigmentation, immediate colour release, adherent and easy to blend;
  • 100 Intuition Peach lips and cheeks, it gives your cheeks a lovely healthy shine
  • 1 Double Touch lip gloss: 10 hour red lipstick

Now I know many brands promise no lip stain on your glass and red lips that will last you throughout the night, yet you end up looking like Pipo the clown with smudged red lips or just no lip colour what so ever.

Kiko double touch lip gloss on the other hand goes the whole nine yards. Urban Dictionary moment: “the whole nine yards”:  Has nothing to do with football. In fact, the phrase comes from the fact that fighter planes are equipped with belt-fed machine guns. When the belts are laid out before loading, they measure nine yards in length. If a pilot were to empty his plane’s guns into a target, he’d be giving it the “whole nine yards.” Who knew, right?

Anywho, back to the red lips. It stains your lips with the red colour, however it does leave your lips rather dry after applying but if you finish off with the gloss you’ll find yourself having a little Marilyn Monroe moment in your bathroom. I promise you, if you sin and don’t remove your make up before you go to bed, you will be waking up with panda eyes yet perfect red lips!

If in doubt, just try, at that price it’s worth the risk!


Slippery Slope


I’d heard of this product Bio Oil a few times, yet always dismissed it as “not for me”. I thought it was just for pregnant women who wanted to keep stretch marks at bay or who are breastfeeding. As many of you, I don’t have either greasy or dry skin, but a lovely mix of both. Although I am a sucker for trying out new things, I was seriously sceptic about using an oil on my face. I bought it to soften a new scar on my foot, but I can honestly say, no fingers crossed behind my back, that I am having a full blown love affair with Bio Oil.

I bought it at my local pharmacy but you can get it in lot’s of supermarkets too. To keep my guilt trip in balance I went for the 60 ml bottle, the smallest amount you can purchase, just in case my first thought was right and it ended up not being my cup of tea. Urban dictionary moment: “Not my cup of tea”: (Idiom) This will appeal to a formidable audience, but not me.

The pharmacy had a leaflet on display about Bio Oil so I grabbed it on my way out. Now ladies and gentlemen, this magic potion isn’t just to rub on to your skin and “Voila!”. No no, this little beauty has a lot more in stall for you.

You can use it for the following:

A scrub:

  • Steam your face to open up your pores (I use eucalyptus oil for this)
  • Mix an equal amount of Bio Oil with honey and fine sugar
  • Heat this mixture to body temperature
  • Softly scrub your face, you can out your frustrations of the day on your elbows and foot soles, where you can rub slightly more vigorously
  • Rinse with warm water and finish of by applying Bio Oil

Make up remover:

  • Heat two drops between your fingers and apply to your face
  • Use cotton pads to remove your make up
  • Mix Bio Oil with water and put the mixture in a little spray bottle, use this to hydrate and feed your skin when all make up is removed

Hair care:

YES! I had no idea, but it can also be used for your hair care ritual!

  • For dry and damaged hair: dry your hair as usual and finish off by vaporizing Bio Oil on the hair (also works anti-static, which is key for me, one drop of rain or a slight layer of dew in the morning and I might as well not have my hair down)
  • For your hair ends: heat up some Bio Oil between your fingers and apply to your ends
  • For extra damaged hair: Apply Bio Oil directly to your hair, leave to soak for about 1 to 2 hours, apply baby shampoo without water, then rinse everything out. (I have yet to try this)
  • Anti-dandruff: mix Bio Oil with some sugar, massage into your scalp so it removes dead skin cells and nourishes your scalp, rinse with water.

With ingredients such as PurCellin Oil, vitamin A and E, lavender oil, rosemary oil, camomile oil and marigold oil, you can’t really go wrong. It’s not greasy and perfect for sensitive skin. I use it on a daily basis now, not only on my scar, but on my chest, and face. I only use it on my forehead and around my eyes.

If you are on a mega diet and want to make sure your skin doesn’t get damaged by your weight loss or if you want to maintain its elasticity, I would also recommend you use Bio Oil. If rubbing your body every evening with oil sounds a little too much to handle you can also add a few drops to your bath!

Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday,

Yours always

Red x



Hand me downs


Long time no see my fellow bloggers and loyal readers (Woke up with my sarcastic face on today, ye are warned). Today’s sesh will be about the other woman, the lovely number two. No woman will ever be able to convince me that they have never been in this position before. You meet a guy, seems nice at first, good conversation leads to good vibes, good vibes lead to something more, and that something more is usually the subtle but yet harsh mention of “I’m not single/ I can’t talk right now because my gf’s here/ Maybe we can meet up in the dark somewhere..”.

When you’re in your late teens, early twenties, this is exciting and thrilling. “Oeeh someone’s willing to take a massive risk just to see me, they must obviously really like me, I mean why else would they do that, right?” The word wrong doesn’t even describe what it actually is.

Why do it? I’m sure there are plenty of women who do it too. I just wonder why. Relationships are rocky, no one is perfect, if you still believe in the fairytale of happily ever after I urge you to stop watching Disney movies asap. At some point one of you, or even both of you, will come face to face with someone who will give you those butterflies again, a sense of importance, longing and passion. The good old “I know I shouldn’t but.. “.

Is there even a right way of reacting to this. Do you ignore it completely and go on with life as if that person never crossed your path? Or do you take a risk, knowing full well that you can lose everything you have. Or will it make you realise what you already have, something you had clearly forgotten. Is it destiny giving you a wake up call or a way out? There will always be people who need something more, a back up plan, or just simply the feeling of “control”. But there are the few who do not go looking for it.

If you’re on the receiving end what do you do? I’m torn between taking it as a compliment and just become severely pissed off that someone would consider me an amusing second best. The older and wiser you get the harder it becomes. Do you accept the fact that this is how relationships work, or does a part of you still hang on to that happily ever after. I’m getting a little tired of being someone’s security blanket. Am I, as Lana del Rey so beautifully put it, born to be the other woman? At the end of the day, does anyone even benefit? Why be in a relationship in the first place?

This calls for a strong cup of tea.

An overthinking Red. x



The Duff


Watched a movie called “The Duff” last night, basically another teenage high school movie but a good one none the less, and it got me thinking about my teenage years. (just realised I sound like an old bat but I will ignore that factor for now) Urban Dictionary: Old Bat: Any annoying post-menopausal woman, but especially one who applies a considerable amount of make-up and scares small children with her appearance. This description will be me to a tee if I don’t get my life on track.

Anywho, back to the movie, it’s about a girl who has two hot and trendy best friends. At one point someone so kindly points out to her that she’s actually their DUFF or Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that the person in question is actually a fat and ugly person, but more of a wing woman/man. You know, the person people are “nice” to, just so they get a thumbs up or a wink and phone number from the girls they’re actually trying to hit on.

Now I don’t know about your high school experience but mine was not something I particularly like to remember. I doubt many people actually do, if your high school experience was a wonderful place of puberty sneaking up on you as a fluffy little adorable kitten, have nothing go absolutely horrifically wrong at some point, everyone adored you and you never ever had a moment of despair, well then I think you either peaked too soon or are just annoyingly lucky.

Needless to say, being tall, ginger, shy and having an English sense of humour didn’t do me any favours back in the day. I ended up trying to go into stealth mode most of the time until at some point I learned to appreciate my quirkiness. Even to this day I still would consider myself a DUFF. Not in a bad way though, just a tall ginger weirdo where hopefully the best is yet to come. (fingers crossed)

So to all my fellow DUFF’s out there who still despair, remember this: “Like wine some people turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age”





Berlin and Birthday’s


Last week was an entertaining one to say the least. Two days in Berlin followed by my birthday. Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I hate birthday’s and New Year with a passion, anything time related basically. But let’s start at the beginning.

A friend who owns a men’s/lifestyle boutique asked me if I wanted to join him at Berlin fashion week, which was like music to my ears, so I obviously jumped on the opportunity. It was rather a last-minute rat race, and being an “organised – on time – everything needs to be planned and at the ready” kind of person, it took a little self-discipline to let go and go with the “take a chill pill” flow of things.

Berlin was not what I expected it to be. I was thinking it would ooze grandeur and wealth, instead I found myself in a lay-back, arty-farty city, where it was completely normal to be holding a little house music party under a bridge (random to say the least).

We went to Premium, Bread & Butter, Seek and Panorama. It was inspiring seeing all these people showing off the results of their ideas and brainstorm sessions. A perk of all of it was, not only do you get to discover all these amazing locations at which these fairs are held, but of course the goody bag, I mean who doesn’t like receiving a bag full of gadgets and make up?! After two days of fashion hopping it was time to head home and face the dreaded birthday monster.

I never had a problem with birthday until my 20th. I remember being sat on a bench, watching the fireworks go up for the Flemish holiday and the moment it turned midnight, a tear popped into my eye. I’ve hated birthday’s ever since. It might have to do with my dislike of growing older, losing the chance to blame mistakes on not being old and wise enough, not being able to go out without giving a damn about what I look like and the undeniable pressure of being at the same life speed as everyone around me. To make it clear, I’m nowhere near the speed of people around me, but then again do I want to be? (secretly yes, but with a little dash of glam and you know, a winning Euromillions ticket)

Here’s to a new year of me, a year filled with preferably a few more ups than downs, tears of happiness instead of sadness, new beginnings instead of endings and sex, drugs and Rock & Roll roll I guess. (wishful thinking)

Cheers! R.

Too hot to handle


So, I guess summer’s here.. ! We always moan about the weather, wanting it to be a bit warmer or at least enjoy a sunray or two to enable us to casually tan our winter white legs. Yet as always, it goes completely overboard and we end up being stuck to our beds spread eagle with an electrical fan blowing some of the hot air around the room.

Even when it’s boiling hot I still see some women walking around with their hair beautifully blown out, wearing gorgeous summer dresses or outfits, make up perfectly set and effortlessly strolling as if they are used to this kind of weather. How on earth do they manage it?

I end up with my hair stuck to my face, being forced to put it up in a bun with some curls sticking out that actually were straight locks about half an hour earlier. As for clothes, well there’s one rule I need to stick by: NOTHING CLINGY! Urban Dictionary: Clingy: “A Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Significant Other who doesn’t know the definition of “space”. Christina is waaayy to clingy.” When it’s boiling hot I can’t stand anything stuck to my body, so my options are basically a pair of shorts or a skirt with a loose t-shirt, or a loose dress.  Make up is just a definite no go, maybe a little mascara but only if I keep sunglasses on all day, waterproof or not, it will end up on my cheek.

Maybe in time my body will stop aching from the heat and learn to embrace it, by which time it will either be autumn and time for pants and jumpers, or we’ll be 20 years on and I’ll be going through menopause enjoying the occasional hot flush now and again. Oh, the joys of getting older.. (my birthday’s coming up, fyi I hate this time of year)

A hot and bothered R.