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There should be a rehabilitation center for people addicted to online shopping. If such a place exists please inform me. I’ll probably be arriving with a few others that I know might need a little help toning down the habit. Yet in this day and age where would we be without it?

Saturday is the only day I have to get into town for a bit of shopping therapy.  There is no other time to go unless I take a day off work and even then there’s no guarantee I will find what I’m looking for. I for one hate, and that’s an understatement, going into town on a Saturday. Why you might ask. Well here are the following reasons:

  • Tourists: I know a city can’t survive without them but I could do without the mob scene on my one free day
  • Parking: I could take the tram or bus into town but who are we kidding right?
  • Goal: I never ever find what I’m looking for when I’m out on a “mission”. I could be looking for a nice pair of trousers and come back with my 50th white t-shirt and 6 new pairs of socks.

For these reasons I would like to express my endless gratitude to the hero who invented online shopping. You get the same satisfaction level of purchasing something while comfortably having a cup of tea behind your desk. Me and my bankcard are forever indebted to you. Well probably more me then my bankcard.

The only shopping I enjoy is supermarket shopping. Not only do I have a love affair with food, I am also a sucker for anything involving personal hygiene. The most fun I have in a supermarket is when I arrive in the isle of dreams or as normal people would call it the isle of shampoos and endless stares at 20 types of toothpaste. If I leave the store with at least a new mascara and different hair treatment, I’m a happy bunny.

Every now and then I love to treat myself to a new brand of skin care. My last venture was to Medic Skin Care Antwerp. I was helped by the lovely Karin Sels who started me up with a full care kit of ZO skin health. It is a little on the expensive side but worth it in the long run! Ye are warned, you go through what is called “the ugly” phase, your skin adjusts to a new way of working, the way it was always meant to work. After this you will be left with skin as soft as a baby’s bottom and we all know those can’t be beaten on a level of softness. If interested you can go to or follow medic_skin_care on instagram.

My purchases

My purchases

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