Monkey business


Just got back from the hospital. I had a foot operation and it was time to get the stitches out. Had a small meal before we left, knowing from previous experiences that if I go on an empty stomach, my face will be hitting the floor as soon as they pull on the first stitch. After what seemed to be an endless wait in the main waitingroom my name got called. Hooray I thought but my joy was soon crushed by the following sentence “You can sit in this waiting room now” .. You are too kind. (face of thunder was now present)

I got to sit next to a lovely gentleman who’s clothes smelled as though they had been lying at the bottom of his washing basket for three months and he just decided to put them back on again. A lovely mix of unwashed oder mixed with some sour sweat. How people can walk around like this is beyond me.

A name was called by the nurse and a tall guy stood up. Mister smellypants nudges me and says: “You can say hello to him you’re just as tall!” and if that wasn’t bad enough he continued: “Do you play basketball?”

Let me make one thing very clear from now until the end of time. Just because a person is tall doesn’t mean they play any kind of sport! No volleyball, no basketball, no ball at all!

I baffles me how some people just come up and ask the most random things. “How tall are you? Did you grow since I last saw you?” Do people go up to an overweight person and go: “How fat are you? Did you get even fatter since I last saw you?” If you are one of these people who doesn’t think before they speak I urge you to do so in future. I don’t give a monkeys about your opinion unless I ask for it, if not don’t make me listen to it just for your sake.

Rant over and out (blame it on the foot)

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