mmm cookie

“Today I will live in the moment, unless that moment is unpleasant, in which case I will eat a cookie.” – The Cookie Monster

I have a tendency to either turn to comfort food or online shopping when I feel emotional.

“Uugh, I don’t want to deal with this.. mmm a leo wafel with a hot chocolate.” “God I’m so tired, oooeh new collection on ASOS, let’s spend money I don’t have!” Sigh.. . Anyone else have these tendencies? I don’t think you can ever stop your reactions to your emotions, but maybe you can control your reactions a bit better and more thoughtfully.

So here’s my new plan of attack.

My new goal (next one to add to my endless list of goals, seen as, not one has been checked off yet), is to start reacting differently to emotional distress.


When feeling emotional and craving food; buy a melon or a pineapple! Yes, pineapple does make your tongue go numb and horrible, but it is a fat burner, so two birds one stone people! Extra added bonus, it takes forever to prepare a melon or pineapple so maybe in future I just won’t even bother!

When feeling “meh” and finding oneself going to your fave online shopping website: buy things you actually need! No you don’t need another face cream, or mask, or bracelet or waist trainer (secretly I do). Buy a new pant suit, a blouse, anything work related is a winner! “Did you buy stuff online again??? – Yes, but it’s for work!” .. Thank me later!

I must confess I just had two packs of prepared melon from the GB around the corner, after purchasing a waist trainer online.. Bear with me folks, baby steps!



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