Left or right?


They go by many names, have few reasons of existence and are slightly addictive. Yes I am talking about dating apps, Tinder, Happn, Taboo, StepOut, Blendr, Meet me, and so on and on and on.. . I wonder what the person who designed the very first dating app thought when he created it. I say he because I highly doubt it was designed by a woman.

What happened to just meeting people when going out? Not necessarily a club or bar, but just out. Supermarket, bus stop, shopping, library, school, work.. what the hell went wrong? I hold my hands up, I do have dating apps on my phone. It started innocently just out of curiosity. I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about so I downloaded Tinder. First impressions are key, people who say it’s the inside that counts have a point, but they too first judged a book by its cover, let’s not be hypocrites.

So you end up staring at a photo which was downloaded by facebook (smart move Zuckerburg) and upon viewing that picture you can decide in one swipe whether to completely write this person off or “like” them. Then the moment of truth, will it be a match or are you to about to be bitch slapped by reality that this person doesn’t “like” you.

I was on Tinder for a little while until one guy casually asked me if I had a webcam.  Is this what we have become? People who meet each other via an app, to then do god knows what via webcam? What the fudge people!!

Haven’t we all just shot ourselves in the foot with these dating apps? Women who are actually honestly looking for someone get to pick between married men, guys in relationships or perves who have a big mouth over an app but would shrink if they’d meet us in person. I don’t know how men experience these apps, the honest ones, those very, very few of them, must see where I’m coming from. For those of them who I just mentioned above in why I won’t be using apps anymore, good for you, keep up those appearances.

A guy started talking to me at a party the other day and my friends went it to “protect and object subject to evil eye” mode.  It’s come to the point where, when people actually talk to someone in person we think it’s strange. Get off your apps, get off your phone and actually have a conversation face to face. Yes, it might be received with some apprehension but we have to start somewhere.

“How you doing”


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