My beauty product addicted self is rejoicing at the news that Kiko is opening a store in Brussels at the Chaussée d’Ixelles/Elsensesteenweg. Cheap, reliable, gorgeous make up and beauty gadgets? Who could not love that?

I first walked into a Kiko shop in Spain about a year ago. The shop is clean and everything is perfectly displayed in a logical manner. Needless to say that it makes my OCD heart flutter a little. If total chaos is the law of the land in a shop and everything is just “somewhere”, you’ll be seeing make a B-line straight towards the exit.

The products I bought in the shop are: IMG_6270

  • 01 Harmonic Swing eyeshadow palette: with five shades of compact eyeshadow with high pigmentation, immediate colour release, adherent and easy to blend;
  • 100 Intuition Peach lips and cheeks, it gives your cheeks a lovely healthy shine
  • 1 Double Touch lip gloss: 10 hour red lipstick

Now I know many brands promise no lip stain on your glass and red lips that will last you throughout the night, yet you end up looking like Pipo the clown with smudged red lips or just no lip colour what so ever.

Kiko double touch lip gloss on the other hand goes the whole nine yards. Urban Dictionary moment: “the whole nine yards”:  Has nothing to do with football. In fact, the phrase comes from the fact that fighter planes are equipped with belt-fed machine guns. When the belts are laid out before loading, they measure nine yards in length. If a pilot were to empty his plane’s guns into a target, he’d be giving it the “whole nine yards.” Who knew, right?

Anywho, back to the red lips. It stains your lips with the red colour, however it does leave your lips rather dry after applying but if you finish off with the gloss you’ll find yourself having a little Marilyn Monroe moment in your bathroom. I promise you, if you sin and don’t remove your make up before you go to bed, you will be waking up with panda eyes yet perfect red lips!

If in doubt, just try, at that price it’s worth the risk!


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