It’s time

Mila sketch Originals

Lay awake last night pondering the fact that we are all time-bound. (watched the age of Adaline) Is our whole existence one big balancing act? Put one foot wrong, make one bad call and your whole life’s plan is altered. Or do you believe in fate. That everything around us, every experience, the good, the bad, the devastating, is all part of one big master plan. You can try to change your path but in the end you’ll arrive at the exact same spot you were destined to be.

If you take a proper look around you, right now, where ever you are, what do you see? I see people, all born as individuals, free spirited, having no idea of what the future holds. Every opportunity can still be taken. Yet now, all those individuals look slightly similar. We all dress the same, eat the same food, have a job (which if we are completely honest isn’t our life’s passion, unless you are one of the few lucky ones. Although I don’t see it as luck, but more as having the balls to take life into your own hands) and live a conformed life. Set one foot out of conformity and people frown upon it. “Look at that weirdo! They’ll end up with no pension! That handbag is so last season!”

Is this it? Are we meant to be here to just work, multiply, judge each other, have a bbq and leave? I feel at war with myself sometimes. As if my inner spirit, the core of every human being, call it conscience, soul, whatever you prefer, is trying to tell me that I was not meant for this conformity. Like a fish waiting at the side, watching all the other fish swim in perfect synchronisation, should I join them or pull a salmon on them and head up stream? Time will wait for nobody. (a little Queen never hurt anyone)

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