Here comes the sun! Well almost..



Here’s to the days where you wake up, get dressed, put on some mascara and head out the door. All is well in the world until someone asks you if you’re okay. Thinking it’s slightly odd that someone would ask that question you continue your day as usual. At around 15 pm you urgently need a pee break and when you glance at yourself in the mirror you realise that your marscara is not only on your lashes but nearly halfway down your cheek. What you thought to be a morning dewy look, is in fact you looking like crap.

Unless you have ivory skin like Julianne Moore, Emma Stone or Christina Hendrickx, there is no such thing as pale and interesting. (no mum, just no)

So lesson learned: if not a fan of sunbeds or lying in the sun for more then 10 minutes because the stickyness of it isn’t worth it, I suggest you fake it till you make it! Good fake tans are hard to find, one I swear by is Clinique Self-Sun Body tinted lotion. Just don’t overdue it, there’s a fine line between tan and looking like an oompa loompa. We all know the typical self tan smell, but it goes away as soon as it dries. Otherwise, just hold your breath!


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