Hand me downs


Long time no see my fellow bloggers and loyal readers (Woke up with my sarcastic face on today, ye are warned). Today’s sesh will be about the other woman, the lovely number two. No woman will ever be able to convince me that they have never been in this position before. You meet a guy, seems nice at first, good conversation leads to good vibes, good vibes lead to something more, and that something more is usually the subtle but yet harsh mention of “I’m not single/ I can’t talk right now because my gf’s here/ Maybe we can meet up in the dark somewhere..”.

When you’re in your late teens, early twenties, this is exciting and thrilling. “Oeeh someone’s willing to take a massive risk just to see me, they must obviously really like me, I mean why else would they do that, right?” The word wrong doesn’t even describe what it actually is.

Why do it? I’m sure there are plenty of women who do it too. I just wonder why. Relationships are rocky, no one is perfect, if you still believe in the fairytale of happily ever after I urge you to stop watching Disney movies asap. At some point one of you, or even both of you, will come face to face with someone who will give you those butterflies again, a sense of importance, longing and passion. The good old “I know I shouldn’t but.. “.

Is there even a right way of reacting to this. Do you ignore it completely and go on with life as if that person never crossed your path? Or do you take a risk, knowing full well that you can lose everything you have. Or will it make you realise what you already have, something you had clearly forgotten. Is it destiny giving you a wake up call or a way out? There will always be people who need something more, a back up plan, or just simply the feeling of “control”. But there are the few who do not go looking for it.

If you’re on the receiving end what do you do? I’m torn between taking it as a compliment and just become severely pissed off that someone would consider me an amusing second best. The older and wiser you get the harder it becomes. Do you accept the fact that this is how relationships work, or does a part of you still hang on to that happily ever after. I’m getting a little tired of being someone’s security blanket. Am I, as Lana del Rey so beautifully put it, born to be the other woman? At the end of the day, does anyone even benefit? Why be in a relationship in the first place?

This calls for a strong cup of tea.

An overthinking Red. x



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