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It’s beauty blog time! I was looking for some new products to test and stumbled upon NIP+FAB on Instagram. The name by itself is a perfect reason to try out these beauties, who doesn’t want to look fab?!

I asked NIP+FAB Australia which line I should test. They advised me to try out the Glycolic fix ranges and the Dragon’s Blood ranges. I quote “They’re super hydrating and help to awaken and plump the skin”. How could I resist. They are available via ASOS or via their website This is a UK based skin care brand.

Upon checking the website I decided to purchase the “Break Out kit”. It is made up out of the following products:

  • Deep Cleansing Fix – 300ml
  • Glycolic Fix Pads – 60 pads
  • Dragons Blood Fix Mask – 50ml
  • Glycolic Fix Serum – 30ml

I am madly in love with the Deep Cleanse Fix, when you open the lid, you are welcomed with a smell of eucalyptus. It looks like a thick cream and my first reaction was one of despair thinking it was a face cream instead of a facewash. You only need a tiny bit of this product to cleanse your whole face, if you take too much use it on your neck and chest. It literally does melt into your skin, and removes all your make up. You are left with clean skin that feels as if it can breathe but you haven’t dehydrated it.

The Glycolic Fix Serum not only smells lovely but I really like the texture. It’s a gel which melts into your skin but leaves a small layer. I use this during the night so I can let this layer slowly sink into my skin. It reduces the size of your pores (I used to be able to park a car in mine, figuratively speaking of course) and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

The Dragon’s Blood Fix Mask is slightly similar to the Glycolic serum. The texture is also a hydrating gel, it plumps and brightens your skin. It leaves a protective layer to help protect your skin from environmental aggressors. (naughty wind, rain, hail, snow and of course sun).

Next up are the Glycolic Fix Pads. They remove whatever residue of make-up is left and exfoliate. Perfect as a make-up base or before applying your serum.

The Glycolic range exfoliates and cleanses the skin without drying it out. I have tried various products and some of them are too harsh, leaving me with dry skin that feels as if I’ve had a facelift (but in a bad way).

I have been using these beauties for a good 2 weeks now and I have noticed a big difference in the size of my pores, and the hydration of my skin. For these 4 products I paid 51.50€ including transport costs. The Deep Cleanse Fix goes a long way, including the face mask. The pads and serum will need to be ordered a bit sooner. All in all not a bad purchase. Happy skin and happy credit card, what more can a girl want?

R. x

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