Every leaf has it’s bliss

Well, as I’m currently looking out the window, I think it’s safe to say Summer 2015 has officially come to an end. Even though I’m a Summer baby born in July, I must admit Autumn is my favourite season.

I will miss the ability to run out of the house wearing just a t-shirt and shorts and you’re good for the day, but hey, bye bye sweaty people who refuse to wear deodorant! If that doesn’t deserve a little hip hip hooray I don’t know what does.

So for all of you feeling the weather blues, the holiday blues or just having a bad day here are my pro’s and con’s for Autumn:


Fav Zara hat and jumper

Fav Zara hat and jumper

  • Hats: Yes hats! Not a balaclava like our mothers used to pull over our heads but nice fashionable hats! I found a gorgeous kaki coloured hat in Zara that I will gladly whip out every time there’s a slight drizzle.
  • Colours: I’m not just referring to the colours of the leaves, but the fashion colours. Hooray for no fluorescent clothing, as a redhead, the summer of fluorescent clothing (back in 2014) has left it’s mark, it was a summer of no good outfit EVER. (sigh)
  • Warm clothing: I am a sucker for scarves! I can not leave a shopping center without purchasing a new scarf. I’m a cold bloodied type of person so I will jump at any excuse to where thick jumpers and wrap up warmly in a fluffy coat.
  • Fire: There’s nothing nicer then ending the day lighting the fire, or just on a rainy Sunday with a cup of tea and probably biscuits or a pack of crisps or two.


  • Hair: Unfortunately, Autumn equals frizz. I hate (understatement), spending about 30 minutes on my hair, feeling good to go, having a little sneak peak in the mirror before you open the front door, thinking to yourself “oooh job well done darling”, to then upon opening the door find it a) peeing it down b) a slight drizzle of rain mixed with a hurricane c)  both. By the time I’ve reached where-ever I was heading, my hair will nine times out of ten, be in a plat or bun.
  • Make Up: It is time to get out your water proofs my dears, no one loves the panda look now do we?
  • Colds: Walks in the park with the falling leaves are nice and all but when you end up with a stinking cold as a result of it, it leaves a rather bitter after taste.

I’m sure everyone has their particular favourite season, yes jumping of cliffs into the sea, sailing and watching the sun go down with a good glass of rosé will always do the trick. But how are we to enjoy it without experiencing some rainy days? Whip out your candles and quilts, your winter duvet and the most delicious hot chocolate, put on your favourite childhood movie and enjoy. No use swearing at it everyday, Mother Nature listens to no one unfortunately. For all my Belgian peeps reading this, at least we have a new season of Temptation Island coming up. “Talk to the hand” dolls!

Off for a walk now.


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