Ahoy, still rooting for the Euromillions to pull through but apart from that all is well.. ‘ish.

Seen as the end of the year is in sight, maybe it’s time to recapitulate all the highlights of 2016!

  1. became a godmother again
  2. bought an apartment
  3. ……

Okay, maybe not the best idea (a small thank you to myself for this kind reminder), but all in all I cannot complain.

I started a new job in May, which has thus far been a MAJOR eye opener. All I can say is the world of loss adjusting, is a marriage between Narnia and Batman Returns.

Every day you have no idea what world you’ll be walking into, when you step inside ‘the wardrobe’, and if all ends well, you can return home with a small feeling of glee, that you have been of aid in solving whatever mystery you were sent to solve, and maybe a nice new coat (mothballs included). Other times, you wish you had your own Walter, who can quickly send you the Batmobile, and hook you up with a new suit so the punches aren’t as, shall we say “spicy’.

It is very much a man’s world out there, but I think I’m ballsy enough to not only take it, but to dish it out too if necessary. All in a mature, well-educated womanly way of course.. .

The apartment is bobbing along nicely. The only thorn in my eye is still my bathroom and finding a decent dining room table and chairs.
Who knew finding adequate, to your taste, to your height, table and bloody chairs could be so annoyingly difficult!

I’ve been to this one shop six times already, and every time the same poor sales lady finds me sitting at another one of their showroom tables, test driving these stupid things. Every single time she nods politely, asks me if I need any assistance, and calmly walks away. Yet last time, I swear I saw a slight pinch in her eyes. It wouldn’t surprise if she thinks I’m nicking stuff now.

So here’s a draft of my New Years resolutions:

  1. move into the apartment
  2. Summer Body 2017 (9th attempt)
  3. visit London for work, move up a notch
  4. to not fall into the temptation of adopting an animal
  5. enjoy a relaxing holiday (even if it is at the Belgian concrete ridden seaside)

In the wise words of Bruce Forsyth,

Nice to see you, to see you nice!




mmm cookie

“Today I will live in the moment, unless that moment is unpleasant, in which case I will eat a cookie.” – The Cookie Monster

I have a tendency to either turn to comfort food or online shopping when I feel emotional.

“Uugh, I don’t want to deal with this.. mmm a leo wafel with a hot chocolate.” “God I’m so tired, oooeh new collection on ASOS, let’s spend money I don’t have!” Sigh.. . Anyone else have these tendencies? I don’t think you can ever stop your reactions to your emotions, but maybe you can control your reactions a bit better and more thoughtfully.

So here’s my new plan of attack.

My new goal (next one to add to my endless list of goals, seen as, not one has been checked off yet), is to start reacting differently to emotional distress.


When feeling emotional and craving food; buy a melon or a pineapple! Yes, pineapple does make your tongue go numb and horrible, but it is a fat burner, so two birds one stone people! Extra added bonus, it takes forever to prepare a melon or pineapple so maybe in future I just won’t even bother!

When feeling “meh” and finding oneself going to your fave online shopping website: buy things you actually need! No you don’t need another face cream, or mask, or bracelet or waist trainer (secretly I do). Buy a new pant suit, a blouse, anything work related is a winner! “Did you buy stuff online again??? – Yes, but it’s for work!” .. Thank me later!

I must confess I just had two packs of prepared melon from the GB around the corner, after purchasing a waist trainer online.. Bear with me folks, baby steps!



Almost there


Upon opening my bedroom window this morning, hearing the birds sing again, seeing buds on the trees and being greeted by clear blue skies, it is clear to me that spring is slowly starting to creep into my surroundings. We haven’t really had much of a winter here, a few visits from Jack Frost but no snowmen. Patience is a virtue, yet I am eagerly awaiting that moment when I step out the front door with just a t-shirt and shorts on and feel the heat of the sun on my skin.

With still a little while to go (slight wishful thinking here), these beautiful white flowers from the market are just a reminder of how flowers and a ray of sunshine can lift even the grimmest of times. Well those, and having the soundtrack cd of Amélie Poulin on repeat might have something to do with it.

Enjoy your Monday, after all it is a blessing not a curse!

R x


Shoot Aim Score

FullSizeRender (4)

New job, work chaos and no writing vibes what so ever have led to me not blogging for a good month.  After 8 hours a day at work, behind a pc, being submerged into the world of bedding, duvets and retail, I barely had the will to live let alone get back behind the pc to blog in the evening.

Not only have I resumed blogging but I have also resumed my fitness regime. I must admit that after 7 weeks of absence I had to work up the courage to return, but was pleasantly surprised when I managed to keep it up for 30 min on the crosstrainer.. yeey burned 200 cal.. which is like half a snickers or something.. (“mmm snickers” – Alicia Silverstone aka Cher, for those who know what movie I’m referring to, you are my kindred spirit). Still, every calorie counts and you have to start somewhere right!

Now we all know January means a) new year new me, b) SALEEEESSS c) extra money or gift vouchers to spend on SALEEEESSS! I am the type of person who prefers to go shopping alone. I cannot for the life of me slowly stroll through a store, enjoying the hustle and bustle of the sales, taking my time to casually check out the racks piece by piece.

No, I am strategic, I plan ahead, memorize in my head what I’m looking for, in which shops I can find them and where the shops are located. I can be in and out of a shopping centre or town in exactly 30-45 min tops, with hopefully, everything I was looking for. If I don’t do this I will always end up buying something from the new collection.

Sales are not for everyday items, you need to plan your expensive purchases for this time of year. Don’t go the first week of the sales because not all items will be displayed yet + if you are anything like me, you’d end up in jail for physical assault on whoever snatched an item away from under your nose, or got in the way of your strategically planned route.

I finally found the leather jacket I have been looking for, for a good year or so, on sale. I purchased it in Maje, a French brand store. With my xmas vouchers I got my perfume and lipgloss from Dior , my new Céline sunnies, and as always, new goodies from Nip + Fab!

FullSizeRender (1)           FullSizeRender (3)          IMG_8495

All in all not a bad haul!

R. x


Happy what?


My sister invited me to a Christmas decoration/food frenzy evening. It dawned on me that once again it is upon us, the time of over exaggerated joy, gift buying, food babies, and unnecessary socializing. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas time, the hot chocolate in front of a crackling fire-place, watching movies you’ve seen a gazillion times before, reminiscing about Christmases passed.. . It’s just that I loathe New Year. I literally, absolutely, hate it with a passion.

The run up to Christmas is the most fun I have during this period of time. You get all excited, your inner child wakes up and you just embrace the whole thing. The smell of mandarins and snow in the air, the first walk you make in the park and you hear the snow crunch under your feet, putting up the Christmas tree whilst drinking a port and lemon and bingeing on pork pies, the fairy lights everywhere, delicious food all day ‘er day, a full-blown English breakfast on Christmas day, what’s not to like?

Here’s what’s not to like about X-mas:

  • people who start decorating the first of November
  • snow and ice equal traffic jams
  • good food all day ‘er day equals a sh*t load of gym sessions come January
  • gift buying equals practicing your “omg I love it face” even when you feel like crying upon opening your gifts
  • family get together’s, now if you’re in a relationship it’s the “meet the fam” situation that makes me nervous, when your single it’s the “and how are you? still alone?” crap you get asked.
  • fairy lights: now I do love these, when they are just normal standard fairy lights, not the ones that nearly give you an epileptic attack the moment you glance at them, what the hell is peaceful about that?

Then New Year comes along, where to start.. . First and foremost I am the kind of person who hates anything time related. This is the one event of the year where it seems that you are obliged to get dressed to the nines, go out and have an amazing time. Why bother though? Town will be packed, people will be drunk and irritable, your group will end up getting separated, the countdown will come and go as soon as you could possibly hope for, and then what’s left is to conquer the masses to retrieve your coat and an epic battle to get a cab home. The morning after you’re left to ponder what exactly you should aim for as a New Year’s resolution, only to remember you’ve never actually achieved any you’ve ever set for yourself.

Give me a delicious meal, good company, some board games or movies marathons and I will go into the New Year with a genuine smile on my face. As for resolutions, 2016 will be the year that I won’t make any. Maybe smile more, my “resting bitch face” is on point! Urban Dictionary moment: Resting Bitch Face “A phenomenon in which the resting face lacks animation and appears to look bitchy at all times, thus leading people to believe a person must be upset, a snob or a bitch. Comments people with resting bitchface are eternally plagued by: What’s wrong? Are you okay? Are you mad?/Sad/Depressed?”

Yes I do feel like the Grinch writing this post, but the older I get, the more I feel that every year we get further and further away of the actual meaning of Christmas. Isn’t it supposed to be about family getting together, peace on earth and singing “We are the world”? Maybe I’m wishful thinking, but now, when there’s so much sadness and anger in the world, isn’t this what mankind should aim for?

Ho ho R. x


Fix me up


It’s beauty blog time! I was looking for some new products to test and stumbled upon NIP+FAB on Instagram. The name by itself is a perfect reason to try out these beauties, who doesn’t want to look fab?!

I asked NIP+FAB Australia which line I should test. They advised me to try out the Glycolic fix ranges and the Dragon’s Blood ranges. I quote “They’re super hydrating and help to awaken and plump the skin”. How could I resist. They are available via ASOS or via their website www.nipandfab.com. This is a UK based skin care brand.

Upon checking the website I decided to purchase the “Break Out kit”. It is made up out of the following products:

  • Deep Cleansing Fix – 300ml
  • Glycolic Fix Pads – 60 pads
  • Dragons Blood Fix Mask – 50ml
  • Glycolic Fix Serum – 30ml

I am madly in love with the Deep Cleanse Fix, when you open the lid, you are welcomed with a smell of eucalyptus. It looks like a thick cream and my first reaction was one of despair thinking it was a face cream instead of a facewash. You only need a tiny bit of this product to cleanse your whole face, if you take too much use it on your neck and chest. It literally does melt into your skin, and removes all your make up. You are left with clean skin that feels as if it can breathe but you haven’t dehydrated it.

The Glycolic Fix Serum not only smells lovely but I really like the texture. It’s a gel which melts into your skin but leaves a small layer. I use this during the night so I can let this layer slowly sink into my skin. It reduces the size of your pores (I used to be able to park a car in mine, figuratively speaking of course) and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

The Dragon’s Blood Fix Mask is slightly similar to the Glycolic serum. The texture is also a hydrating gel, it plumps and brightens your skin. It leaves a protective layer to help protect your skin from environmental aggressors. (naughty wind, rain, hail, snow and of course sun).

Next up are the Glycolic Fix Pads. They remove whatever residue of make-up is left and exfoliate. Perfect as a make-up base or before applying your serum.

The Glycolic range exfoliates and cleanses the skin without drying it out. I have tried various products and some of them are too harsh, leaving me with dry skin that feels as if I’ve had a facelift (but in a bad way).

I have been using these beauties for a good 2 weeks now and I have noticed a big difference in the size of my pores, and the hydration of my skin. For these 4 products I paid 51.50€ including transport costs. The Deep Cleanse Fix goes a long way, including the face mask. The pads and serum will need to be ordered a bit sooner. All in all not a bad purchase. Happy skin and happy credit card, what more can a girl want?

R. x

Left or right?


They go by many names, have few reasons of existence and are slightly addictive. Yes I am talking about dating apps, Tinder, Happn, Taboo, StepOut, Blendr, Meet me, and so on and on and on.. . I wonder what the person who designed the very first dating app thought when he created it. I say he because I highly doubt it was designed by a woman.

What happened to just meeting people when going out? Not necessarily a club or bar, but just out. Supermarket, bus stop, shopping, library, school, work.. what the hell went wrong? I hold my hands up, I do have dating apps on my phone. It started innocently just out of curiosity. I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about so I downloaded Tinder. First impressions are key, people who say it’s the inside that counts have a point, but they too first judged a book by its cover, let’s not be hypocrites.

So you end up staring at a photo which was downloaded by facebook (smart move Zuckerburg) and upon viewing that picture you can decide in one swipe whether to completely write this person off or “like” them. Then the moment of truth, will it be a match or are you to about to be bitch slapped by reality that this person doesn’t “like” you.

I was on Tinder for a little while until one guy casually asked me if I had a webcam.  Is this what we have become? People who meet each other via an app, to then do god knows what via webcam? What the fudge people!!

Haven’t we all just shot ourselves in the foot with these dating apps? Women who are actually honestly looking for someone get to pick between married men, guys in relationships or perves who have a big mouth over an app but would shrink if they’d meet us in person. I don’t know how men experience these apps, the honest ones, those very, very few of them, must see where I’m coming from. For those of them who I just mentioned above in why I won’t be using apps anymore, good for you, keep up those appearances.

A guy started talking to me at a party the other day and my friends went it to “protect and object subject to evil eye” mode.  It’s come to the point where, when people actually talk to someone in person we think it’s strange. Get off your apps, get off your phone and actually have a conversation face to face. Yes, it might be received with some apprehension but we have to start somewhere.

“How you doing”


Rub it in why don’t you

FullSizeRender (1)

I’ve tried out the new L’Oréal extraordinary oil shampoo and conditioner, Sublime Body Nutrilift body lotion and Triple Active 24h day cream.

Being a naturel redhead I have not been blessed with soft silky hair that just dries in a perfectly acceptable hairstyle. The bottom half of my head dries curly and the top half dries frizzy. A daily joy I must admit.. Urban dictionary moment: Frizzy example: A feeling of complete chaos. An emotion when you don’t know what to do about something, and also if you can’t make up your mind. (yes, my hair has emotions)

To start with the extraordinary oil shampoo, I was a little apprehensive of using an oil on my hair. As many of you, (there’s no denying) I have endured the awful experience of finishing my hair for a night out and realising I have a major grease spot at the back of my head thanks to an excess of oil. The shampoo and conditioner both have a very nice smell and texture. I have half long hair and a little bit of shampoo goes a long way. Next up the conditioner, it says on the bottle to apply it all over your hair, top to ends. I massaged it into my scalp and left it on for a good 2 – 3 minutes. My hair is a lot softer, and the frizz is a whole lot less than when I use regular products. It doesn’t weigh your hair down but leaves it controllable and shiny. I can now just put it in a bun or plat without having fluffy bits sticking out so big thumbs up from me! If you are planning on curling your hair, I wouldn’t advise you to use an oil base shampoo or conditionner, your curls will not stay put and there’s nothing worse than spending all that time curling your hair for it to last 5 minutes!

Next up the Sublime Body Nutrilift lotion. I have only been using this for a few days so I don’t have the full effect yet. It tells you to use it for 4 weeks, everyday, morning and evening. It smells lovely and absorbs quickly into the skin. It contains both ceramide and collagen. The ceramide hydrates your skin (remember the winter is coming peeps, aka the time of horrendous dry legs) and the collagen tightens everything up. I’m going to use it twice daily in combination with going to the gym. I’m hoping I’ll see a difference on my thighs where I can use a little push in the tighter direction.

Last but not least, the Triple Active day cream. As you all know I use Bio Oil on my face as well, I do only use this at night because it does leave you with a shine, so for the day time I decided to try out this day cream. It’s paraben free (very important!), contains vitamin E, ceramide and a UV filter, which in my opinion every day cream should contain. It’s very light and blends in easily and is a perfect base for your make up!

So all in all a big thumbs up for these products, I’m curious for the result after the next 4 weeks of using the body lotion, but I am definitely sold on the extraordinary oil shampoo/conditioner and day cream!

Keep your moisture levels up people, drinks lots of water and remember to rub that lotion in before you end up looking like a flakey reptile! NOT a look you want to aim for!



Bang Bang


So, needless to say it’s been a while since my last post. No excuse will do but I’m hoping that by writing this blog it will shed some light on what I have been up to for the past few weeks.

Students and workpeople (work mules, slaves of the industry, puppets, ants, monkey sees monkey do, you catch my drift), have one thing in common. Unless you’re stepping into a family business or have a trust fund (a few curse words come to mind), you’ll at some point be forced to hunt for a job. Now I can guarantee you, it might seem exciting and empowering at first, but don’t be fooled.

Looking for a job is a little like being a deer caught in headlights. Urban Dictionary moment: Deer caught in headlights: A mental state of high arousal caused by anxiety, fear, panic, surprise and/or confusion, or substance abuse. Example: Mike doesn’t like cars; he’s like a deer in headlights when he goes to his driving lessons.

To clarify, my experience was of anxiety not substance abuse, just saying. Back to the subject now. You dress up smart, give yourself a little pep talk on the way to the interview and lay yourself bare for judgement. Yet somehow they always end up asking you a question for which you have no prepared answer and start doubting your capabilities.

It usually ends with you walking out of the interview feeling like you’ve got to tell your mother you failed a test again to receive the horrendous “I’m not angry, just disappointed” speech. Why are mother’s so damn good at guilt tripping speeches, I think there’s an annual secret convention where they all practice and drink too many dirty martini’s.

Job hunting is a little like dating, but worse.. BLIND dating. Both sides have never met, but you are the one who has to do most of the convincing to make it a happy marriage.

You’re whole future (maybe not all of it but 8 hours a day is pretty damn much), depends on the impression you leave on the first person you meet. It’s a tricky business, you’re either too assertive, too confident, too quiet, too funny, not compatible, .. the list is endless.

The point of this blog is that although you will be judged and feel beaten or low at times, I urge you to keep the following in mind:


  • NEVER ever take anything personal (hardest part of the process).
  • Look at this point in your life as an OPPORTUNITY: you spend more time at work than at home, so make sure you pick a job that will empower you in a stimulating environment.
  • Even if you don’t feel 100% convinced of a job but they invite you for an interview GO! Practice makes perfect, and the more people you meet, the bigger your professional network becomes.
  • At the end of the day, it is YOU who will make the decision whether or not to take a the job.
  • NEGOTIATION is key. Set your goals upfront and stick to them! If you don’t you will regret it within the first few weeks.

If all else fails, a glass of wine, shopping spree, bath with facemask or good cry will alleviate the stresses of a bad interview.

Do not lose hope, keep all negative thoughts at bay and do not let yourself be bullied in to making rash decisions by people around you. Take your time and consider all your options. Patience is a virtue my children.

Good hunting!

R. x



Every leaf has it’s bliss

Well, as I’m currently looking out the window, I think it’s safe to say Summer 2015 has officially come to an end. Even though I’m a Summer baby born in July, I must admit Autumn is my favourite season.

I will miss the ability to run out of the house wearing just a t-shirt and shorts and you’re good for the day, but hey, bye bye sweaty people who refuse to wear deodorant! If that doesn’t deserve a little hip hip hooray I don’t know what does.

So for all of you feeling the weather blues, the holiday blues or just having a bad day here are my pro’s and con’s for Autumn:


Fav Zara hat and jumper

Fav Zara hat and jumper

  • Hats: Yes hats! Not a balaclava like our mothers used to pull over our heads but nice fashionable hats! I found a gorgeous kaki coloured hat in Zara that I will gladly whip out every time there’s a slight drizzle.
  • Colours: I’m not just referring to the colours of the leaves, but the fashion colours. Hooray for no fluorescent clothing, as a redhead, the summer of fluorescent clothing (back in 2014) has left it’s mark, it was a summer of no good outfit EVER. (sigh)
  • Warm clothing: I am a sucker for scarves! I can not leave a shopping center without purchasing a new scarf. I’m a cold bloodied type of person so I will jump at any excuse to where thick jumpers and wrap up warmly in a fluffy coat.
  • Fire: There’s nothing nicer then ending the day lighting the fire, or just on a rainy Sunday with a cup of tea and probably biscuits or a pack of crisps or two.


  • Hair: Unfortunately, Autumn equals frizz. I hate (understatement), spending about 30 minutes on my hair, feeling good to go, having a little sneak peak in the mirror before you open the front door, thinking to yourself “oooh job well done darling”, to then upon opening the door find it a) peeing it down b) a slight drizzle of rain mixed with a hurricane c)  both. By the time I’ve reached where-ever I was heading, my hair will nine times out of ten, be in a plat or bun.
  • Make Up: It is time to get out your water proofs my dears, no one loves the panda look now do we?
  • Colds: Walks in the park with the falling leaves are nice and all but when you end up with a stinking cold as a result of it, it leaves a rather bitter after taste.

I’m sure everyone has their particular favourite season, yes jumping of cliffs into the sea, sailing and watching the sun go down with a good glass of rosé will always do the trick. But how are we to enjoy it without experiencing some rainy days? Whip out your candles and quilts, your winter duvet and the most delicious hot chocolate, put on your favourite childhood movie and enjoy. No use swearing at it everyday, Mother Nature listens to no one unfortunately. For all my Belgian peeps reading this, at least we have a new season of Temptation Island coming up. “Talk to the hand” dolls!

Off for a walk now.