Berlin and Birthday’s


Last week was an entertaining one to say the least. Two days in Berlin followed by my birthday. Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I hate birthday’s and New Year with a passion, anything time related basically. But let’s start at the beginning.

A friend who owns a men’s/lifestyle boutique asked me if I wanted to join him at Berlin fashion week, which was like music to my ears, so I obviously jumped on the opportunity. It was rather a last-minute rat race, and being an “organised – on time – everything needs to be planned and at the ready” kind of person, it took a little self-discipline to let go and go with the “take a chill pill” flow of things.

Berlin was not what I expected it to be. I was thinking it would ooze grandeur and wealth, instead I found myself in a lay-back, arty-farty city, where it was completely normal to be holding a little house music party under a bridge (random to say the least).

We went to Premium, Bread & Butter, Seek and Panorama. It was inspiring seeing all these people showing off the results of their ideas and brainstorm sessions. A perk of all of it was, not only do you get to discover all these amazing locations at which these fairs are held, but of course the goody bag, I mean who doesn’t like receiving a bag full of gadgets and make up?! After two days of fashion hopping it was time to head home and face the dreaded birthday monster.

I never had a problem with birthday until my 20th. I remember being sat on a bench, watching the fireworks go up for the Flemish holiday and the moment it turned midnight, a tear popped into my eye. I’ve hated birthday’s ever since. It might have to do with my dislike of growing older, losing the chance to blame mistakes on not being old and wise enough, not being able to go out without giving a damn about what I look like and the undeniable pressure of being at the same life speed as everyone around me. To make it clear, I’m nowhere near the speed of people around me, but then again do I want to be? (secretly yes, but with a little dash of glam and you know, a winning Euromillions ticket)

Here’s to a new year of me, a year filled with preferably a few more ups than downs, tears of happiness instead of sadness, new beginnings instead of endings and sex, drugs and Rock & Roll roll I guess. (wishful thinking)

Cheers! R.

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