Almost there


Upon opening my bedroom window this morning, hearing the birds sing again, seeing buds on the trees and being greeted by clear blue skies, it is clear to me that spring is slowly starting to creep into my surroundings. We haven’t really had much of a winter here, a few visits from Jack Frost but no snowmen. Patience is a virtue, yet I am eagerly awaiting that moment when I step out the front door with just a t-shirt and shorts on and feel the heat of the sun on my skin.

With still a little while to go (slight wishful thinking here), these beautiful white flowers from the market are just a reminder of how flowers and a ray of sunshine can lift even the grimmest of times. Well those, and having the soundtrack cd of Amélie Poulin on repeat might have something to do with it.

Enjoy your Monday, after all it is a blessing not a curse!

R x