Ahoy, still rooting for the Euromillions to pull through but apart from that all is well.. ‘ish.

Seen as the end of the year is in sight, maybe it’s time to recapitulate all the highlights of 2016!

  1. became a godmother again
  2. bought an apartment
  3. ……

Okay, maybe not the best idea (a small thank you to myself for this kind reminder), but all in all I cannot complain.

I started a new job in May, which has thus far been a MAJOR eye opener. All I can say is the world of loss adjusting, is a marriage between Narnia and Batman Returns.

Every day you have no idea what world you’ll be walking into, when you step inside ‘the wardrobe’, and if all ends well, you can return home with a small feeling of glee, that you have been of aid in solving whatever mystery you were sent to solve, and maybe a nice new coat (mothballs included). Other times, you wish you had your own Walter, who can quickly send you the Batmobile, and hook you up with a new suit so the punches aren’t as, shall we say “spicy’.

It is very much a man’s world out there, but I think I’m ballsy enough to not only take it, but to dish it out too if necessary. All in a mature, well-educated womanly way of course.. .

The apartment is bobbing along nicely. The only thorn in my eye is still my bathroom and finding a decent dining room table and chairs.
Who knew finding adequate, to your taste, to your height, table and bloody chairs could be so annoyingly difficult!

I’ve been to this one shop six times already, and every time the same poor sales lady finds me sitting at another one of their showroom tables, test driving these stupid things. Every single time she nods politely, asks me if I need any assistance, and calmly walks away. Yet last time, I swear I saw a slight pinch in her eyes. It wouldn’t surprise if she thinks I’m nicking stuff now.

So here’s a draft of my New Years resolutions:

  1. move into the apartment
  2. Summer Body 2017 (9th attempt)
  3. visit London for work, move up a notch
  4. to not fall into the temptation of adopting an animal
  5. enjoy a relaxing holiday (even if it is at the Belgian concrete ridden seaside)

In the wise words of Bruce Forsyth,

Nice to see you, to see you nice!




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